3rd Friday Volunteer in Canal District

Posted by Ivy Cheng on February 13, 2014 at 2:00 AM

On Feb. 7, 2014, we taught the 4th graders in San Rafael's Canal District how to make paper rockets that can actually fly. With simple techniques and supplies, the kids seemed to enjoy the rocket science experiment and were amazed by the power of science. With high energy and enthusastic attitudes, we tried our best to have fun with the kids while teaching them science. During the process of rocket making, I was inspired by their creativity and innovation. They tried different methods to make the best rocket that could fly the farthest. Some of them tried to make rockets with different shapes and others tried with different sizes. Also, the kids painted the rockets with various colors and patterns in order to make the rockets stand out during the competition. Although we did face some challenges during the process of making various kinds of rockets, we successfully made all the rockets fly far at the competition. Since January, 2014, when meeting with the children, I have been continously impressed by their enthusiastic energy and sweet smiles. They have warmed us with their true hearts and made us enjoy teaching them fun science experiments.

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Categories: STEM, Volunteer Work

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