Performance at Sunrise of Hermosa Beach, 08/09/13'

Posted by Tyler Leswing on November 6, 2013 at 3:00 PM

I was greeted right away by a lady who asked if I was Tyler. The audience was all sitting and anticipating the performer. I stepped "on stage" and gave an introduction to the Children in Need (CIN) club. After playing at many of these homes, I made sure to speak loudly and clearly so that the seniors could hear me (as their hearing is not always so good). After I played a few compositions, a woman in the back raised her hand and began asking me several questions about myself. She seemed very interested in my background as a musician; I could tell she really wanted to get in my mind and see how I wrote music. I have to remember what comes easy for some may be a mystery for others. In this case, as was the case this whole week, my audience was most fascinated with how I compose. The is no one secret I have with writing music, I get inspiration from all different areas, and sometimes the music just comes and I cant explain why. It's a beautiful mystery that I love to embrace.

Categories: Retirement Homes (S. CA), Performances

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