2015 Club Meeting

Posted by Aurora Sch√ľnemann on March 6, 2015 at 3:10 AM

We had a very successful meeting today during lunch. Some new faces were in attendance as well as lots of familiar ones. We started off by introducing the new club officers, Sylan Yuan, president, Aurora Schünemann, Secretary, Linda Li, Music Coordinator, Yilan Jiang, STEM coordinator, Dina Martinez, Outreach coordinator, and Julia Qin, Fundraising coordinator. 

The projects for this year were outlined including our continuing work in the Canal District of San Rafael tutoring and teaching STEM. The continuing projects in China were also mentioned. In addition, we also talked about our plans to expand the STEM project by purchasing circuit boards. 

It is the hope that this year we will be able to expand our impact by doing more projects in the Bay Area. We are hoping to do more concerts and busking. 

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