Apr.4th Friday Volunteering

Posted by CherylYM on April 10, 2014 at 1:15 AM


Today was the first day of the LEGO robot project. Everyone was so excited about it as it was many people's (including volunteers) first time doing robotics. I remember when we first announced that we would be working with LEGO the kids just went nuts! We divided the whole project into four sections each led by two to three volunteers and we practiced running the activity on our own in club meetings before the actual volunteering. We recorded the time it took for us to complete the robot, tested it and then broke it down to double check that no pieces were missing.

On Friday, there were two to three kids in each group. The group that worked with Ealan and I was doing working very slowly so we learned that we had to be patient and give lots of direction. We successfully built the robot, but one thing went wrong. It was not working very well, and we presumed that there might jake been something wrong with the batteries. Unfortunately, not everyone got to play around with the robot but we promised them that next time, everyone would have the opportunity to try it out. As usual, we ended our day with several fun games. It was a really enjoyable day and we look forward to working on the same project next time.


Cheryl Yuan


Related pictures: http://www.childreninneedclub.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=15499026

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