Bake Sale in San Domenico School (10/23/2013)

Posted by Duoduo (Jacqueline) Liang on November 11, 2013 at 7:45 PM

On October 23rd and 24th, we had a bake sale in San Domenico School during school hours until 3:30pm after school. 

Oct 24 is the United Nation Children's Day. In corporations with this event, we were selling bookmarks that were made by Sun Village kids in Beijing. Sun Village is a place for children whose parents are in jail. With the use of Chinese paper-cutting techniques, each of these bookmarks portrays an article of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Teachers liked the bookmarks especially and we got a lot of support from them. 

All the things we sold:

Smoothie $1 

Brownie -- $1 for small; $2 for big

cookie- $1

pocky - $1.5 

Jelly -- 2 for $1

Soda $1.5 

Chips $1

Bookmarks $2

Fiona made the smoothie for us. Smoothis is good to sell not only because it's healthy also because we can lower down the cost by making food by ourselves rather than buying processed goods. Brownie was also made by a group of members who donated their time to help. We also got special help from Mr. Sloan to make big brownie for us since his brownie is well known in school and taste really good. During the bake sale, we also accepted IOU (I owe U) from high schoolers so that people who forgot to bring their money could still buy our stuffs. And we actually traced all the money back during the next week. We sold things after school to the middle schoolers and primary schoolers and earned some little donations from their parents and teachers too.

We also sent out an email blast through Laura to the whole school containing a pdf introducing out club, what we do and everything we sell.

Other than that, we had a special lottery box. It's a box full of slips of paper inside. Each paper had a price and every paper had a price. Price was like... a jelly...a brownie... a soda...There were 2 ways to get a free chance to draw:

1. Spend $5 on other things– a free chance oto draw 2. Every 10th person who reply the email sent by laura gets a free chance

There were 20 people in total who replied the email and we chose the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th, and 20th to give them a free chance to draw. We believed that people who got the free chance would bring their friends to the bake sale and also helped us promote the bake sale. And for those people who already spent $3 or $4, a free chance to draw would encourage them to spend over $5. In this way, we increased the profit. 

Our schedule of people watching over the bake sale:


1st period: Cherry, Linda Li

break: Cherry, Linda Li, Candy Tang

2nd period: Candy Tang

lunch: Jacqueline, Angelina, Linda

3rd period: Ada afterschool: Jacqueline


1st period: Linda Bu, Vicky, Mia, Dorothy, Deborah, Fiona

Break: Linda Bu, Vicky, Mia, Dorothy, Cherry

2nd period: Cherry, Nicole Wu

break: Cherry, Nicole Wu, Jacqueline, Luming, Angelina

3rd period: Jacqueline, Luming, Angelina

lunch: Jacqueline, Angelina

4th period: Nicole Wu, Danelia

afterschool: Candy Tang, Jacqueline, Mia 

Here we would like to thank all the people who helped out during the bake sale! This successful bake sake includes everybody's effort! 

In conclusion, the bake sale was very successful We earned $346 in totoal during these two days. Some of them were donated to the African boy. We also made a flyer about the bake sale with a lot of club members' signiture, we will mail this flyer to the African boy to show him our care. The other half we are planning to donate the money to SEAPC. Because there are a lot floods in Cambodia right now. Through SEAPC, they will give the money to the orphanages in Cambodia to help those Cambodian kids affected by floods now. 

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