Performance at Mile High Cafe in Idyllwild, CA, 05/14/13'

Posted by Tyler Leswing on November 6, 2013 at 2:55 PM

My first solo performance at a neighboring cafe to school, on behalf of Children In Need. The proprietress was kind enough to allow me to play for donation for my Children In Need Club (CIN). Not having done a solo for CIN, I was a bit soft initially and then warmed up after my 2nd song. I realized that after I am warmed up, my playing got progressively louder. As I got more excited and more at home on the piano, I started to significantly increase my volume. This ramp up of volume however was not well received and I was asked to bring the volume down. I realized my audience was here to have their own private conversation and that I was to be the background rather than the main conversation. Swallowing my pride, I switched gears and played softly, more soothing and less dramatic music. One man who didn't seem to be enjoying his conversation at his table very much was looking over and smiling at me a lot, and later gave me a tip (the only person who did). At the end of show, I received a free meal and was thinking a lot about my performance. Even though it only seemed like I truly made an impact on one person with my music, I still had made a difference and I couldn't be happier.

Categories: Retirement Homes (S. CA), Performances

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