Splash at Montecito Plaza, San Rafael

Posted by Cherry Yuan on July 22, 2013 at 2:30 PM

On 06/16/13’, Kuni Migimatsu and Alex Berbey held a bake sale while Cherry Yuan played live music at Montecito Plaza in San Rafael. The food was all hand-made including inari sushi, muffins, strawberries with chocolate, red velvet cup cakes and brownies. It was Father’s Day so the traffic was light. It took a while for the bake sale to take off especially after the table was moved to the front of a coffee shop. People could not believe these were hand-made food. They also enjoyed Cherry’s violin playing. After 2 hours, most the food was gone.

Money raised from the bake sale would help buying a set of drums for a newly established orphanage, New Homes for Orphans in Cambodia while money raised from the street busking by Cherry would be part of donation to Eagles’ Wings Orphanage. It was a fun day to be out on the street telling people about our mission and sharing our good music and food with strangers.

More photos: http://www.childreninneedclub.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=14976938

Categories: Sales, Performances

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