Performance at Sunrise of Hermosa Beach, 08/09/13'

Posted by Tyler Leswing on November 6, 2013 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (202)

I was greeted right away by a lady who asked if I was Tyler. The audience was all sitting and anticipating the performer. I stepped "on stage" and gave an introduction to the Children in Need (CIN) club. After playing at many of these homes, I made sure to speak loudly and clearly so that the seniors could hear me (as their hearing is not always so good). After I played a few compositions, a woman in the back raised her hand and began asking me several questions about myself. She seemed very interested in my background as a musician; I could tell she really wanted to get in my mind and see how I wrote music. I have to remember what comes easy for some may be a mystery for others. In this case, as was the case this whole week, my audience was most fascinated with how I compose. The is no one secret I have with writing music, I get inspiration from all different areas, and sometimes the music just comes and I cant explain why. It's a beautiful mystery that I love to embrace.

Performance at Sunrise of Santa Monica, 08/04/13'

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Upon arriving, I was directed to head upstairs and begin setting up for my audience. I adjusted the tables and chairs with some of the maintenance workers. As my audience is very important to me, I was happy to arrange some furniture. Unfortunately, when I started to warm up on the piano, I could tell it was partially out of tune and the pedal didn't work too well. I would just have to make due with what I had. After my first song, I received a large applause and accepted it graciously. The audience didn't have too many questions for me like the other homes I've played at, but I could tell they were enjoying my music from their smiles and engaged demeanor. After the show, the audience gave me more comments and questions, and I enjoyed interacting with them. I left the home feeling gratified, feeling I had made an impact on these seniors lives.

Performance at Sunrise of Pacific Palisades, 08/02/13'

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Around 20 people were present, just like the last homes I've played at. This residence hall had a little lapdog that walked around and it was a very charming addition. It was an after dinner performance and I can tell they were ready for me. By that time, I was comfortable with my 5-6 pc repertoire and I made time for personal exchanges between songs with my audience which I know they enjoyed as much as hearing me play. About 1/2 hr into the performance, I saw a women off to a corner tapping one finger on the table as I played. After I finished the piece I was on, she asked me to play a jazz piece, which i was happy to do. I played "Take the A Train." At that point, she started to get really into the music and started tapping again. I felt great to bring the music to her. I walked out, feeling great about my audience, the tapping of enjoyment that my performance gave her and couldn't believe how fast the 45 min went by.

Performance at Sunrise of Studio City, 08/01/13'

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There were around 20 residencies at this assisted living center, and they were very lively and warm, just like Acacia Assisted Living. After I played my first composition, the seniors seemed very pulled back, with large smiles on their faces. They started asking me several questions about me and my associate, my mother - who they were very pleased to know. They were happy to learn about children-in-need club and asked a lot of questions. I found it very easy to play for them as they seemed very engaged and curious about me and my music. A defining moment in the show was when one woman commented that my music has eased the pain in her back. Moments like those really make me proud to be a musician. The moment definitely made me think of my audience more and less about myself and my own insecurities. The experience as a whole was enjoyable and helped me learn to play better for the sake of others.

Performance at Acacia Springs in Las Vegas, 07/28/13'

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There were about 20+ residencies present and waiting. Acacia is a warm and friendly place. It is not a stately or quiet Assisted Living Home as some of the others I've played at in NorCal; the seniors were definitely more vocal and energetic and wanted to engage with me. I found it a joy to play there as they seemed genuinely interested in my music and wanted to speak to me. They took a real interest in what I composed, and asked me many questions about my background as a musician and what I wanted to pursue in the future. We interacted between songs and the seniors gave me their comments and questions. After the show, I talked to several of the seniors and received a lot of feedback. One man said that one of my pieces should be part of a soundtrack to a movie and I was very flattered. Another woman said that I should name one of my untitled pieces after Acacia. There was a lot of great and interesting feedback. Overall, it was a very nice and pleasant experience that I hope everyone enjoyed. The residencies seemed very appreciative of the music. Some wanted to shake my hand at the end and it was a great honor. I was invited to come me back (: I realize how fortunate I was to be able to perform solo for 45 min to such a receptive audience.

Performance at Mile High Cafe in Idyllwild, CA, 05/14/13'

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My first solo performance at a neighboring cafe to school, on behalf of Children In Need. The proprietress was kind enough to allow me to play for donation for my Children In Need Club (CIN). Not having done a solo for CIN, I was a bit soft initially and then warmed up after my 2nd song. I realized that after I am warmed up, my playing got progressively louder. As I got more excited and more at home on the piano, I started to significantly increase my volume. This ramp up of volume however was not well received and I was asked to bring the volume down. I realized my audience was here to have their own private conversation and that I was to be the background rather than the main conversation. Swallowing my pride, I switched gears and played softly, more soothing and less dramatic music. One man who didn't seem to be enjoying his conversation at his table very much was looking over and smiling at me a lot, and later gave me a tip (the only person who did). At the end of show, I received a free meal and was thinking a lot about my performance. Even though it only seemed like I truly made an impact on one person with my music, I still had made a difference and I couldn't be happier.

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