Performance at Stanford Children's Hospital on April/14/2014

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On April 14, 2014, Cherry Yuan and I went to the Stanford Children's Hospital to perform for children on dialysis machines. It was one child's birthday, so we opened by playing Happy Birthday . Before playing our prepared pieces, we gave the children a short introduction about the pieces and the composers. We then played several short, lively duet pieces written by I.J.Pleyel. After that Cherry played three solo pieces: Love's Greeting by E. Elgar, Meditation by Jules Massenet and part of La Ronde des Lutins (The Round of Golins) by A. Bazzini. Our little audience members seemed to enjoy the music very much. There was one little girl who was sitting up in her bed and staring bright eyed at us through to the end of the performance. We hope that our music brought them happiness, hope and energy.


Holiday Performance at Stanford Children's Hospital

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For families out there, kids are fortunate to go home for the holidays and enjoy. On December 23, 2013, the members of the CIN wanted to bring a special gift for those who were on dialysis at the Stanford Children's Hospital. We had wonderful members playing solos and trio work: Cherry Yuan as Solo violin and 1st violin, Mirah Ray as second violin, and Sophie Philips on cello. We started with Cherry playing wonderful solo Christmas tunes Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Next, we had our trio music:


Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring-Bach

Badinerie- Bach

Humoreque- Dvorak

Divertimenti from London Trio- Haydn

Hungarian Dance #5- Brahms

Edelweiss- Rodgers

Por Una Cabeza (Tango)- Williams

Moon River- Mancini

Finally to conclude our performance, Cherry Yuan played Ave Maria and Silent Night. For these kids, we wanted to send the Christmas spirit of music for the holidays and with the members' spirited energy, they were successful!

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"Celebration of Life" Event by LPCH

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On May 11th, Children in Need had the honor of participating at "Celebration of Life" event – the LPCH Pediatric Liver and Kidney Transplant Event. This event was sponsored by Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford and took place at Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center of Stanford University. We believe the most meaningful and effective way of giving back to society is contributing our talents, efforts, time and compassion collectively at events like this.

At the beginning, Aditya Srivatsan, a club's guest performer and Stanford student, played tabla drums to warm up the event. Then the club's new member, Charrisa Leung, played violin solo pieces to entertain the audience. After her performance, the focus went to the children who had transplant operations at the hospital before. They and their families came from different parts of California and other states. It was touching to hear young people sharing their life stories after transplant operations. There was one thing in common. They were all grateful for the second chance given to them after the operations.

After the speeches, Cherry Yuan, and Holly Wheeler and guest performers, Sean Takada and Sophie Goldman, performed chamber music. The audience was mesmerized by their beautiful melody. In the meantime, club volunteers, Alex Berbey, R J Pearce, Danelia Chengeux, Grace He, Luming Chen, Caitlin Gowdy, Peggy Cui and Susan Sun helped check in, made crafts with children, and took photos. It was a special afternoon that our club was honored to be part of the life celebrating event.

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Spring Fair Performance at Stanford Children's Hospital

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Cherry Yuan, Club President of Children in Need, was invited to perform for all the patients and their families at the Spring Fair hosted by Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford on March 20, 2013. To celebrate the Central Park theme of the Spring Fair, Cherry played Gershwin’s “It ain't necessarily so”; Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons, Spring and Autumn”; Mozart ‘s Violin Concerto, 4 and 5, 1st movements, and Elgar’s Salut d'Amour.

Cherry has brought her club members to perform at the Dialysis Center at the hospital since last fall. The children enjoyed their music greatly. This time, the hospital invited Cherry to perform for all their patients and families. Her cheerful and sensational playing made the audience feel great about the spring is coming. They temporarily forgot their sickness and sorrow. Some parents were very grateful for Cherry’s music because their children could not leave their rooms but could hear from their beds. The music of the heart is a source of healing power which can create a positive impact on people.

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Stanford Children's Hospital Performance and Volunteer Work

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On February 18, 2013, Children in Need invited Amabile Trio from San Francisco Conservatory of Music Preparatory Division performing at the Dialysis Center of the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford. The members of Amabile Trio were Cherry Yuan, Sean Takada and Elizabeth Lee. When the performers arrived at the Center, they were greeted warmly by the staff because some of them still remembered Cherry’s performance last time when our club visited the Center. After the staff helped the children with dialysis machines, the performance took place with anticipation and excitement.

The first piece the Trio performed was London Trio No. 1 and 2nd movements by Hayden. Members of the ensemble demonstrated their excellent chamber music skills of listening and responding to group members musically. Then Sean as a soloist played the last part and cadenza of “Tartini Devil's Trill" edited by Kreisler. At age of 11, his matured techniques and musicality amazed the audience. Followed by Sean, the Trio played Mozart’s Milanese Quartet Nr. 155, 1st movement with energy and style. Then Cherry played a solo piece by Kreisler called Sherzo. She wowed the audience with her intense and powerful playing. After Cherry, the Trio concluded their performance by playing Dvorák’s Bagatelles, 5th movement. Then Elena Kim and Cherry Yuan played Navarra for Two Violins by Sarasate. Their lively playing filled the room with cheerful atmosphere. The last piece, Amazing Grace, performed by Elena left the audience with strong emotions.

After the performance, Stanford students, Caitlin Gowdy and Cheston Gunawan plus some of the performers played board games with the children. Because of their company, the children temporarily forgot they were on dialysis treatments. There were conversations and laughters exchanged. As a club, we believe in the healing power of music as well as hands-on volunteer work. We are happy to have direct relationship with some of the children we are helping. We want to thank the Dialysis Center for giving us this opportunity to visit the children and bring happiness to them.

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A Special Visit to Stanford Children's Hospital

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Caitlin Gowdy, the co-founder of the club, helped arrange a volunteer opportunity for the Appassionato members of Children in Need Club to accompany children who receive dialysis treatment at Stanford’s Children Hospital.


On September 22, Peggy Cui, also a club co-founder, led 9 other San Domenico High School students along with Dr. Doris Brown of San Domenico, to the Dialysis Center at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford.


Club members spent their afternoon playing board games and Wii games with the kids while they were receiving dialysis treatment. We were particularly thankful that Sophia was able to accompany one boy from Mexico. The room was filled with energy and laughter as the club members and the kids socialized and exchanged casual conversations with each other. Later on, Joyce Kwon, Amy Kwon and Cherry Yuan performed live music for the kids. Doctors commented that club members put a lot of smiles on these children’s faces. They also invited the club members to come back again.


The Fermata Music Group of Children in Need will host a fund-raising concert on October 28 at 6:30 pm at Tamalpais Methodist Church, in Mill Valley. This concert will provide monetary support for the uncompensated children who receive dialysis treatment at the Children's Hospital at Stanford.


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